Welcome to the newly formatted IXL Canada!! It is our hope that you find this informative and helpful and that in the future our company can become you partner in providing products, services and information in helping you and others deal with our challenges in the coming decades.

Our company slogan of “EFFICIENCY IS OUR NEWEST RESOURCE” really says it all…we must make better use of what we consume and increased use of renewable and replaceable resources to continue on in both an economically viable and environmentally sustainable manner.

IXL Canada began working with our core product line- the iXcl conditioner, lubricants and fuel enhancements- using the logical approach of the benefits of improved performance, more efficient operation, extended life cycle and reduced costs of operation in the applicable power sources or power transmission process- over twenty years ago. Very quickly demand for this technology moved to such mechanical systems as refrigeration and air conditioning, air control and compressor, mechanical gearboxes and transmissions and so on. Anywhere where power is applied or driven in which friction creates heat, loss of efficiency or increased loads and wear. Today we find ourselves involved in products and systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency and extend service throughout the whole energy consumption and use process.

Over the past centuries the natural evolution of mankind and societies has typically been consumers; utilizing our resources and environment to increase our economies, improve our day to day life styles and build our futures. Only very recently awareness has risen on the costs of this growth to both our economies and environment. Spiraling energy costs (both personally and in business), over taxed infrastructures, climactic and environmental concerns and constantly elevating costs of living have all contributed to concern as our populations and consumption of our resources is presented with continual growing demand.

Whether your home, farming operation, small business, retail store, warehouse, cottage or manufacturing facility IXL Canada has products, information and systems to help reduce your operating or lifestyle costs, increase your investment value and decrease your dependence on outside sources of power or energy. Please feel free to scroll around our web site and see some of the simple solutions to today’s complex problems.

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