G-710 calcium complex grease

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G710 Calcium Complex Grease 

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IXcL G-710 Grease is an advanced lubricating grease designed for the demanding requirements of heavy automotive or industrial use. The benefits of G-710 include spectacular mechanical stability, high load bearing capacity, and excellent resistance to water, oxidation, and corrosion. G-710 is a certified GC-LB grease by the National Grease Lubricating Institute (NLGI) and is available in NGLI Grade 2.

G-710 Grease is fortified with the powerful IXcL Anti-Friction Metal Conditioner, a scientifically designed metal conditioner to reduce heat, friction, and metal wear, and to increase load bearing capacity and mechanical performance.G-710 with IXcL is not simply a good calcium complex grease—it’s the best calcium complex grease!

G-710 is a multi-purpose high temperature grease that can outperform other greases including many lithium, aluminum complex, and polyurea greases. The over based calcium sulfonate chemistry of G-710 gives it a high resistance to water washout and excellent performance in wet or humid climates. G-710 also boasts excellent high pressure and high temperature performance, as well as outstanding low temperature performance. It is the right grease for almost any application.

Typical Uses for G-710 Grease:

  • Automobile Chassis Points
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Fifth Wheels
  • King-Pins
  • Anti-Friction Bearings
  • Low and High Speed Bearings
  • Oven Conveyors
  • Electric Motor Bearings
  • Steel Mill Roller Bearings
  • Crusher Bearings
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment