The Three Phases or Stages

Few projects or plans do not look huge or insurmountable until they get broken down to make sense and show logical progression. This can not only make the major changes more achievable but also result in huge savings from a cost point of view with minimal disruption to everything else; as well as generating savings right from the start.

At IXL Canada we tend to look at all energy consumption programs in three logical stages or phases. This not only serves to make the whole process easier but in each stage you are actually preparing for the next while generating savings along the way to re-invest. Few others in the industry take this approach. A key to it is not everybody has to embrace all three steps- each is stand alone. Many clients have embraced one then planned on moving on at a later date (as conditions and budgets dictate), some have planned on only doing a portion of them and some have just embraced the whole thing. The important thing is everyone has a different set of circumstances and goals…there are no “in the box” solutions that fit everybody! Our goal at IXL Canada is to work with you and build a logical plan that suits your needs…not sell whatever we have without the whole situation being considered!

The three phases or stages we at IXL Canada look to approach a complete energy program are:

Phase 1: Consumption and Conservation:

We all consume power- electricity, heating, hot water and so on. A quick audit of what we are currently consuming and why can lead to major savings…and fast! Insulation improvements, appliance and lighting changes, control systems and lifestyle changes can save in a major fashion with very minimal expense.

Phase 2: Efficiency and Utilization:

Current power sourcing may be very economical…but changes in how you use it can be great improvements in economics. Peak shaving (buying and storing electricity during off hours which are significantly discounted for use during peak hours can save big), renewable resource supplementation (solar water heaters, solar air exchangers, etc.) and other such products and practices can take a huge percentage of your day to day expenses away.

Phase 3: Self Sufficiency:

The ultimate goal for many; and implementation of the other phases can takes thousands off of the costs of getting here. Whether the goal is self-reliance, independence from other infrastructures’, pure economics and expense control, location issues for supply or any of the many others- electricity, heating and energy generation is becoming more realistic and affordable every day- from the wind, the sun and other renewable resources!